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Beta Prototyping

Milward offers scale-up beta prototyping to produce an exact emulation of a production lot in a small quantity. Examples include:
  • 7" diameter x 25" (18 cm x 64 cm) maxi-cast billet
  • 6" x 18" x up to 200" (15 cm x 46 cm x 508 cm) DC cast
  • Specialty alloy as a maxi-cast billet extruded into a simple round or square cross-section
  • Small-batch alpha prototyping by melting a 110-lb. (50 kg) aluminum base alloy; includes de-gas treatment, filtration and Wagstaff maxi-cast of a 7" diameter x 22" (18 cm x 56 cm) billet that is fully representative of a large-scale production process
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