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Phosphorus Copper Bulletin

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Phosphorus-Copper Alloys

Phosphorus-Copper is an alloy of elemental copper and elemental phosphorus free of residuals, such as iron, silicon, arsenic, selenium, nickel, tin, zinc, or lead. It improves the predictability of your process and eliminates the potential for hydrogen embrittlement.

Milward offers three grades of Phosphorus-Copper for the copper industry and one grade for the aluminum industry.

15% Phosphorus-Copper for the Copper Industry

Grade PS-4412: Brazing rod quality that contains a maximum of 0.020% iron.
Grade PS-4415: Mill quality that contains a maximum of 0.035% iron.
Grade PS-4420: Commercial grade that contains a maximum of 0.15% iron.

8% Phosphorus-Copper for the Aluminum Industry

Grade PS-4410: Commercial grade that contains a maximum of 0.15% iron.


Phosphorus-Copper is used as a deoxidant, alloying agent, and wetting agent for the copper industry, and as a nucleant for the aluminum industry. Click on the application listed for details, recommended addition procedures, and precautions.

Note: Phosphorus-Copper is also known in the metallurgical industry as phos copper, copper phos, phosphor copper and copper phosphorus.

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