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Phosphorus-Copper as a Deoxidant

Removes oxygen from copper baths to produce a cleaner product free of cupric oxide. The reaction product (P2O5) is a gas, which boils and is completely eliminated from the alloy, leaving no slag residual.

Recommended Addition Procedure:

  1. Calculate the addition precisely.
  2. Adjust the bath temperature as close to the final operating temperature as possible.
  3. Skim the surface area of the bath.
  4. If you are using shot, add in a continuous stream using the vibratory feeder.
  5. Gently mix the bath with mechanical stirring, induction stirring, or the cascading method.


Problem: Pasty blue-green surface.
Solution: Keep the phosphorus-copper dry.
Note: If this occurs, do not add the Phosphorus-Copper to molten metal. Consult your Milward Alloys representative, or call Milward Alloys before use.

Problem: How to avoid re-oxidation.
Solution: Be careful to add a measurable surplus of Milward's Phosphorus-Copper as late in your process as possible.

Problem: Excess phosphorus substantially reduces electrical conductivity.
Solution: Add only enough phosphorus to remove the oxygen - more is not better.

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