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Copper-Based Master Alloys


Deoxidants remove oxygen from copper baths to produce a copper bath that is free of dissolved oxygen.

Alloying Agents
Used as an alloying agent in copper-tin alloys and in high performance electrical conductive alloys, Phosphorus-Copper increases their strength, hardness and elasticity while reducing creep and grain growth.

Wetting Agents
When added to brazing rods, Phosphorus-Copper lowers melting temperatures and improves wetting characteristics, resulting in a cleaner, stronger brazed joint.

Several Milward copper alloys are used to change the composition of metal alloys that require heat treatment to improve strength and wear resistance. These include Iron-Copper, Silicon-Copper, Nickel-Copper, Magnesium-Copper, and Manganese-Copper.

Selection Chart:

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Standard Forms & Packaging:

Copper Waffle Ingot - 44 lbs. (20 kg)
Copper Bar Ingot - 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Shot - Sized to specification
Copper - Bagged Shot
  • 2-oz. (60 g) bags
  • 4-oz. (120 g) bags
  • 6-oz. (180 g) bags

Packaging & Shipping:

Milward master alloys are packaged in steel or fiber drums on pallets, wood or cardboard pallet boxes, and stretch-wrapped on pallets. Most items are available from stock for prompt shipment.

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