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Milward's Precision Addition™ Products
Provide Greater Accuracy & Control

Milward produces a proprietary line of extruded aluminum master alloys that improve precision in your process. All Milward Precision Addition products are controlled to an accuracy of ±5% of weight or unit length.

ACU-STIX™ Extruded Rod - 0.890" (22.5 mm)
  • 2-oz. (50 g) pieces - approx. 2" (5 cm)
  • 4-oz. (100 g) pieces - approx. 4" (10 cm)
  • 6-oz. (150 g) pieces - approx. 6" (15 cm)
  • 8-oz. (200 g) pieces - approx. 8" (20 cm)
ACU-STIX are accurately measured and supplied in exact lengths (e.g. 1" = 1 oz.), enabling you to make precise additions. They are available in 2 - 8 oz. pieces and other sizes on request. All shapes are designed to have the same cross-sectional area. Alloys are identified by different shapes.

ACU-STIX are superior to chopped rod in batching foundry applications because they are more convenient. One piece provides the exact weight addition you need.

ACU-STIX are superior to buttons because their unit weight is more precise and accurate, and they can be supplied in made-to-order units with tight tolerances. ACU-STIX are cleaner (free of oxide) than buttons and compatible in price.

ACU-BAR™ Extruded Rod - 1.375" (35 mm)
  • 1-lb. (0.5 kg) pieces - approx. 8" (20 cm)
  • 2-lb. (1 kg) pieces - approx. 16" (40 cm)
ACU-BAR is a version of ACU-STIX supplied in 1-lb. and 2-lb. pieces.

ACU-COIL™ Extruded Rod - 3/8" (9.5 mm)
  • 400-lb. coils (180 kg)
  • 600-lb. coils (275 kg)
  • 1000-lb coils (450 kg)
A variety of Milward's aluminum master alloys are available. ACU-COIL coiled rod is supplied in 400, 600 and 1,000 lb. coils.

In addition to ACU-STIX, ACU-BAR, and ACU-COIL, Milward supplies Cut Extruded Rod in its Precision Addition line of products.
Cut Extruded Rod - 3/8" (9.5 mm)
  • 1-oz. (30 g) pieces - approx. 6" (15 cm)
  • 6.5-oz. (200 g) pieces - approx. 40" (1 m)

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