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Master Alloy Data Sheets for Milward Master Alloys

Below is a list of specification sheets with addition procedures for several Milward alloying products. Click on any of these to download a PDF file.

To obtain a copy of current specifications and addition procedures for any Milward master alloys, call toll-free (1-800-833-6600), send us an e-mail (, or complete and submit the information request form in the Contact Us section of this Website.

Click below for specification sheets

Master Alloys & Metal Additives Selection Guide

H2005 5% Beryllium-Aluminum

H2007 10% Strontium-Aluminum

H2150 50% Copper-Aluminum

H2251 5% Titanium, 1% Boron-Aluminum

H2350 50% Silicon-Aluminum

Adding Phosphorus to Hypereutectic Silicon-Aluminum using 8% Phosphorus-Copper

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